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Buy new & used car with MeetAuto Profile

MeetAuto Account Profile

The RPM gauge will help you complete your profile and benefit from everything MeetAuto has to offer. Complete your profile and meet your next car with MeetAuto.ca

Manage Test Drives of used & new car Canada

Manage Car Test Drives

Engage users by agreeing to a meet location and selected time to test drive their used car for sale. Customize your availability and preferred location for the perfect meet.

MarketPlace for vehicle classified Canada

MarketPlace Newsfeed

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to centralize the experience of buying or selling cars online? The MarketPlace makes it easier to manage the latest information on cars for sale messages, test drive requests, blog posts and much more in your own personal newsfeed.

MeetAuto Accessories for vehicles Canada

MeetAuto Car Accessories

Equip your car with branded MeetAuto accessories. Accessories like our car for sale signs and car flags show potential buyers where they can find detailed information about your used car and maximize. Think of it as a social page for your car where buyers have access to information on the go.

Place Free Car Ad

Place Free Listing

It’s simple, place up to two used cars for sale, free. NO bumping required! Our easy step-by-step process allows you to have your listing up and running in no time.

Push Car Ad to Social Media for sell/buy

Push Listing to Social Media

Leverage your social networks and easily push your used car listing to over 200+ social media sites.

Search used and new cars Profiles

Dream Car Profiles

Tired of entering the same search criteria every time you are browsing for a specific vehicle type? Wish you could search multiple vehicles types at the same time? Save your search specifics and receive notifications for the latest cars matching your customized profile from users or car dealerships in the MarketPlace Newsfeed.

Choose Favourite Cars Canada

Favourite Cars

Favourite cars you want to keep an eye on for future browsing and easily view them when you need on the web or your mobile platform.

Compare used Cars Canada

Compare Cars

Compare up-to four different cars for sale, side-by-side, based on a wide range of criteria. We've standardized the car listing process to make finding the right car online easier and more accurate for you.

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